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Dan S.

Hello, Been there–got the trailer, if not the T-shirt. Just returned home from our visit to your friendly place – fine trip. We made a two day trip from North Canton to home – 1100 miles – both daghter – a relatively young driver – and I, alas, not so young driver agreed that the hard part was to remember that we were towing the trailer behind our 04 Ranger – if anything the ride was better, acceleration and braking wewre more than adequate and mileage with the Little Guy was well within the range that we normally get with just a topper – one HUGE complaint – Please send me a batch of printed brochures so that I can just hand them out instead of showing my Little Guy every time the wheels stopped turning. Every Time!!!! – I had to explain the features to at least one person. Is it what I expected? No, the Little Guy is way more than that and I expected a bunch!

Dan S. Brooklyn Park, MN

Brian D.

To Whom it May Concern: My name is Brian and I live in Olathe, KS. During the next 5-10 days you will be building a Little Guy Deluxe for me thorugh my dealer here in Kansas (Ken Day with the Wee Trailer Co., in Paola, KS). I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited I am about owning one of your products. When I first met up with Ken about a month ago, I was skeptical on what this trailer was going to be like. Upon checking it out, I was very impressed. Good fit and finish, good materials, good solid structures. It did not take long at all to sell me on one of these. I have talked with Joe Kicos at Little Guy Worldwide a couple of times as initially I was interested in the Hunter Trailers. However, the Little Guy is a GREAT value for the money, so I ended up with Little Guy instead. Joe was kind enough to give me an idea of how many people you have working at the Elkhart Plant. Enclosed please find a gift card for PaPa John’s pizza. Please accept this as a small token of my appreciation for the fine work you and your team are doing in Elkhart. Please using it towards buying lunch someday for the team. Also, enclosed you will find a disposable camera. If it is not too much trouble, could you maybe take a couple of pictures of my trailer while it is either being finished up, or worked on? I am trying to keep a scrapbook of the experience and pics from your facility while it is being finished up would be AWESOME. Ken Day will actually be picking up my trailer from the factory in a couple of weeks. If you do get a chance to take pictures of my trailer, you can actually give Ken the camera back when he comes in to pick it up. I can develop the film when it gets back here. If you do not get a chance to take any pictures, no problem. (I know you are in the trailer building business not photography). My thanks again to all of you for what you are building there in Elkhart. It is not just a trailer. It’s peoples dreams of freedom, open road, adventure, travel, tailgating, etc. The dreams that keep up going while we are all working towards returement. (For me, that’s about another 25 years…ha, ha).

Brian D. Olathe, Kansas

Robert C.

Dear Sir/Madam: Just to let you know that I have just spent 4 wonderful weeks camping and showing off my Little Guy. We did 6,000 KM from Ottawa, Ontario to Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, Smokey National Park, over to Virginia Beach, Atlantic City, New York City, Cape Cod, Boston, and then back home. Your Little Guy sure was the centre piece at every campground that we visited, also in every parking lot, restaurant, gas station, even commented on by people walking along the side when we got stuck in tourist traffic. We got so many visits of our Little Guy we started joking about charging $5.00 US for a tour…LOL… Many people asked us if we were reps for the Little Guy, as they wanted to get one right away. We did all we can to be good reps for you, I hope it is fruitfull for you at the end. You should be getting soooooo many calls from people that were soooooooo interested by my Little Guy on Steroids. Why on Steroids? Well, I did broing a few mods to it. I added Hydro (in and out), water, Satellite TV, sports rack in front for BBQ, water hoses, etc. Diamond plate truck box in back for extra storage, flat screen tv, Harmon Kardon speakers for great sound, IN/OUT temp gave…WOW. Next item for next summer is an Air Condition system. Soooooo many people came to visit us in campgrounds, it was unreal, many took photos and we even won first place as the best and cutest trailer in the campground at the KOA in Boone. It was a hoot! Anyhow, here are a few shots. Enjoy! We are!!!

Robert C. Gatineau, QC

Ken & Cindy

Joe, We purchased our “Little Guy” in September and took it home. When we were showing it off to some family we noticed that the cabinetry in the back hatch had some water damage. We contacted the dealer on a Wednesday evening and he not only was very sympathetic he came to our house and took pictures of the damage and contacted the factory. He called back a couple of hours later and asked us when we could return the trailer for repairs. We took the trailer to the dealer on Thursday and the factory traveled to pick it up, took it back to the factory, installed new cabinetry and resealed the hatch. This was all accomplished in less than a week. (We live about 6 hours from the factory). We were very pleased with the quality of the repairs and the overall quality of the trailer. We love our Little Guy and let me tell you when we took it to it’s first NASCAR race we had many people look it over and talk about it!!! I would rate the factory and our dealer as an A +++++++++. If you are thinking about a Little Guy rest assured that they will treat you right and in a quick and prompt manner and top quality.

Ken & Cindy (Evansville, IN)

Mark Lee

Chris, I just wanted to complement Little Guy & PRORAC on your excellent service. The roof rack & kayak carriers that I ordered on Monday arrived yesterday! I do have one problem with the 5 Wide Platform that I have learned to deal with. I can’t stop anywhere for more than 5 minutes before someone wants a tour. I guess I should start charging admission.

Thanks again!
Mark Lee

Scott Whalen

I just purchased a Little Guy Sport from Southern Georgia Teardrop Sales which I have yet to pick up but I just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know how much I am impressed by the customer service I have received both during and after I made my purchase. All the Customer Service Reps I have dealt with through the Online Chat have been super helpful and very nice. I have had several chats with Chris and Christine and both have been extremely well versed in all aspects of your product. The excellent service just reinforces my decision to buy a Little Guy Sport. Keep up the excellent work!
Scott Whalen
A Happy and Satisfied Little Guy Sport Owner

Mark Dotson

Little Guy,
I just enjoyed my first trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in my Little Guy. I am a volunteer with the park. The Little Guy camper is going to make my monthly trips to the park more enjoyable. The trailer handles like a dream on the curvy mountain roads. The best thing is having a comfortable place to sleep after a long day of hiking.

Best Regards
Mark Dotson


Got your package on friday as promised…
thank you very much…
the template works great with the a/c…
got it all set for the maiden voyage next Saturday…
will let you know how it goes…
did take it out for a ride yesterday, and had LOTS of lookers…


I bought my Little Guy from Shirley M. Smith. She is a co-owner of Little Guy Campers of North Carolina. The business is located at 14624 Lancaster Hwy. Pineville, N.C. 28134. Shirley had a great selection of Little Guy’s available for review. Shirley is knowledgeable about the products and is an enjoyable person to deal with.

I became interested in tear drop design trailers after seeing a TV program on them. I searched the web for manufacturers and decided that the Little Guy was my choice. To my surprise your site listed a distributor in Pineville N.C. That is only 20-25 miles from Lancaster S.C. I contacted Shirley and the rest is history.

It would be great to see a photo of my Little Guy on your web site.

Best Regards

Terry H.

Hey Guys,

What an absolute joy I had pulling the Rascal 300 miles. That was my first time to pull a trailer behind my motorcycle. It was great! My buddy followed me and said that it tracked straight as an arrow. It is really strange that you forget it is back there. Had a grat trip and as always enjoyed meeting with y’all again. Next time, I’ll plan a day trip there, drink a few brewskys, spend the night, and return the following day. That is, if I can find the place. Dave, sure would appreciate any pictures of my bike and trailer when you have time.

Thank You,
Terry H.

Paul L.


1000 mile “Shake Down Cruise” was great and fun and success! We left Ohio in a misty rain and ran most of the day in storms with the “Little Guy” going right behind, just where he was towed! (I didn’t even notice a drop in my gas mileage).

I’m sure the Federal Govt. will soon want you to add a warning sticker to the “Little Guy”. Something like this:


Everyone just loves it as we do, it’s hard breaking away at truck stops too. Everybody wants to hear about the “Guy”. We are headed to Texas next, then I’m off to the Waynoka OK “Rattle Snake Round-up” yip-ee!!

Thanks again for all of the great customer service.
Paul L.
Mulvane, Kansas

Jimmi S.


I just wanted to drop a line or two about my Little Guy Trailer. I purchased my Little Guy last April to try out camping. Let me tell you this trailer is everything, well almost everything an older lady could ask for. I pull my Little Guy with my Taurus and I can’t even feel the weight! I have taken my trailer camping last spring and summer and can’t wait for the weather to break to start again. I’m not very good at backing and this trailer is to light I just unhook it from the car and push it in to place. I hoop up my electrical cord and enjoy my TV and DVD player at night before sleep. Or any time. During rain storms my little dog and I stay dry and wam inside. From the time I pull into my camping spot until the time I leave I have visitors drop by to see my Little Guy Trailer. People are amazed at the size and weight and comfort. Shoot I’m amazed! Just wanted to say thank you for coming up with a trailer I could afford and have so much fun in. Keep up the good work!

Jimmi S.
Toledo, Ohio

Hardy D.

Hi Joe,

Here are some pictures to add to your collection. 1 is a picture of my Corvette in the 31st annual hot rod and classic car show. I won 2nd place in my category with the “Little Guy” on the back of my vette. The other is a picture of a “Little Guy” behind my golf car. We really enjoy selling these and have a lot of fun with them too.

Hardy D.

Richard and Stephanie

We have had our Little Guy Deluxe for over two months now and it is by far the most fun vehicle that we have owned over the years.

Both my self and the wife are in our mid sixty’s, each year for the past five years have been traveling down to Alabama from October until the end of April.

The first year we went down in our 28ft Motor Home, that was five years ago. Prior to our return we bought a 34ft King of the Road fifth Wheel which we leave down there. While we were down there the price of gas skyrocketed, so on our return we sold the Motor Home and invested in a 41ft Park Model, sold our 3 bredroom conto and are now full timing it.

For four years we drove back and forth staying in Motels and Hotels and as we have a 7LB Cock-a pooh, Ohhh there is an additional charge. This became costly and I might add we were paying high prices for inadequate accomodations. My wide and I thought there has to be a better way so we looked for something that was light and did not require much to set up and could be towed behind our SUV and Bingo there was a product called Little Guy.

Our first impression was no way!!!!!!! The more we thought about it talked and talked and said Hey this is workable and with some additional work on our part it was more than workable it was doable.

The first thing we did in our city, we contacted Mattress company and had an extra firm one built to suit the LG. Two inches shorter in width and 6″ length as we are both less than 5’8″, it left us with storage at the Bottom under the galley.

We had 12V Deep Cycle Battery mounted on the hitch wired to the car so when we are driving it is being charged. The LF is now wired for 110/12 Volt and has a 700Watt invertor for those times that 110 is not available, totally self contained.

We have already been out camping twice with the LF trial runs a dn we are like a kid with a new toy. First weekend out we had no peace at all, not that we minded. People were amazed when the would come by again and see that it had a sun room attached to it and were more than impressed.

Poeple asked us, “Why did you not by a tent trailer?” Ok it’s pouring rain are you going to stop and set up in the rain……NO so where do you go? Straight to a Motel, now we get out of the car and into the Little Guy, as they say in court I rest my case.

Our Kids say that when we pass away they will dig a huge hole and bury us in the Little Guy!

The Little Guy was a long time in coming and we are glad it did.

Keep up the good work.


Richard and Stephanie
Ottowa, Ontario

Mike and Sandra

To Whom It May Concern:

I don’t know if your company has ever kept track of how your customers use their “Little Guy Trailers”. Sandra and I changed jobs and moved from the Fort Worth, Texas area to the Austin, Texas area back on March 1, 2008. I purchased a Little Guy, 5 wide trailer in Selma, Texas (Near San Antonio, TX) INSTEAD of paying for temporary lodging for an unknown period of time while our house was being built. The house is STILL being built and since March 1, 2008 we have lived in our Little Guy (both of us) except for one night when we took one overnight trip. So far we have spent 10 (70 days) weeks in our “Little Country Home” and it will be there at least another 2-3 weeks before our home is complete.

The bottom line is that we love our little trailer and we appreciate the fine craftsmanship you have put into our trailer… You guys ROCK!

Many thanks!

Mike and Sandra

Georgetown, Texas

Fredy D.

I am sending you this letter to tell you thank you for making such a wonderful little camper. We have used it twice and are ready to go out again in the first week of August. I bought the Silver Shadow because I did not want to pay for storage of a big Motorhome or trailer, the Little Guy fits in my garage perfect which protect it when not in use. Again thank you for such a fine product. I purchasd my Silver Shadow from your dealer Mark Hagan in San Diego,California. Great service plus I took a stack of his brocures to hand out when people stop me to look at my rig , He told me that a five minute gas stop would turn into a 20 minute or more stop, and that is true,  I have had more people say that is sooooo cute I love you trailer.