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Life Hack: Packing Your Little Guy Trailer

organized packing your little guy

Before you recycle some of your plastic and glass containers, repurpose them for your camping adventure. Here are some eco-friendly packing tips that will help keep your Little Guy organized.

Tic Tac® Box

Tic Tac® containers aren’t just for mints. Soak your old Tic Tac® containers in a solution of Dawn® and water to remove the label. Dry them and fill with spices for your campsite kitchen.

You can also use a Tic Tac® container as a mini tackle box to keep fishing lures organized and out of small fingers.

Pill Bottles

Fill an old pill bottle with some bandages and a small tube of antibiotic ointment for…


Top 5 Free Road Trip Apps

top 5 free road trip apps

Navigation has gotten a lot easier since GPS and smartphones. Even the directionally challenged can get from point A to point B without getting lost. These five road trip apps not only tell you where to go, but what to see as well.


The best T@B and Little Guy vacations are smooth driving from point A to B. Waze is a community based traffic and navigation app. The app relays on its users for real time traffic and route information updates from speed traps to traffic delays. Waze alerts you to accidents, road hazards and other things that could put a damper on your trip.

Gas Buddy

As soon as the gaslight comes on, it is…


3 Reasons a myPod is The Best Motorcycle Road Trip Buddy

3 Reasons a myPod is The Best Motorcycle Road Trip Buddy

Freedom is the wind blowing through your hair as you ride your motorcycle down the open highway.  Your adrenaline surges as you throw caution and your daily routine into the wind and embark on a road trip adventure. Schedules mean nothing, um, except for that strict 12 p.m. check in time you have to make. If only you had a little more room on your motorcycle, a tent or something would be nice.

Truly kicking your schedule to the curb and sleeping wherever you please aren’t the only reason a myPod is the ideal companion for you and your hog. With its sleek European looking fiberglass exterior and aluminum frame, the  lightweight myPod is…


DIY: Drilling Into Your Trailer

drilling into your trailer

Everyone rolled up to Tearstock 2014 with their Little Guy, Silver Shadow and T@B trailers decked out to the nines. The decorations and modifications were really inspiring. There are a lot of creative ways to make modifications to your trailer without using power tools. However, some of the more elaborate and sturdy modifications require power tools.

At some point we all overcome our fear of drilling into our Little Guy trailer.  Once make the first hole you will become more confident. Here are some tips on drilling into your trailer and quick fixes, you know, just in case.

Before you fire up the drill and have at it…


Photo Op: Famous Ohio Pit Stops

ohio roadside attractions

It’s good practice to schedule breaks along your drive. Quicky roadside attractions are great places to stretch, snapp a silly photo and soak in some local culture.  While touring through Ohio for Tearstock, you should check out some of these bizarre and wacky roadside attractions.

Longaberger Basket Building

A tisket a tasket is that a giant picnic basket? If you’re driving on OH-16W and passing,Newark the answer is yes.  Newark, OH is home to the Longaberger Company and the world’s largest picnic basket. Unfortunately, this basket doesn’t hold a sumptuous feast butit is’s actually the Longaberger Company headquarters and holds…


Upcoming RV Shows


Come check out the Little Guy’s and T@B’s at various upcoming RV shows across the country. This is your chance to get inside the trailers and see what they are all about! Select RV dealerships may also be presenting our new models the T@G and the MyPod. Call the dealer who is representing us at the show nearest you to find out what they will be displaying.

7/18-7/20 Green Country RV Show Truck N Stuff
For more information Click Here


The myPod Has Arrived!


The myPod from Little Guy Worldwide has arrived! This beauty is not only extremely light weight (under 500 lbs.) but also aesthetically intriguing. The standard model includes the Power Package, upgrade to the Max model to get Air Conditioning and a 19″ Entertainment System.

Check out the product pages for the myPod B@sic and the myPod M@x or download the myPod PDF Spec Sheet.