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DIY: Matching Halloween Costumes with Little Guy

how to dress up you and the little guy for halloween

Each option below is a fun Halloween DIY project that you can do on your own or with many!

Hula Scene

You can easily go retro with this fun choice. To start, find your favorite Hawaiian shirt and grass skirt. You can even add a coconut bra for some extra flair. To really set the scene, pick up some tiki torches and other Hawaiian party supplies from any party-supply store.

Haunted House

Turn this classic Halloween scene into something fun and creative. Why not transform the Little Guy into a haunted castle or Frankenstein’s layer? Don’t forget to match with your costume!

DIY Tip: Pick up some dry ice from a local…


Reasons You Should Practice BS (Bear Safety)

reasons to practice bear safety

When it comes to BS we don’t mess around. Bear safety is necessary in taking preventative measures against unwelcome visitors to your campsite. Here are some bear facts and tips for keeping yourself and your picnic basket safe.

Bear Fact: There are eight species of bears six of which, are on the endangered species list. =(

Precautions to Take

Before you set up camp, check the general visicinity for bear skat and tracks. Fresh marking can indicate that there is a bear living in the area.

Bear Fact: A bear’s sense of smell is over 2,000 times more powerful than that of a human. In fact, their sense of smell…


The 4 Best Pumpkin Beers

four best pumpkin beer

What’s the first event that comes to mind when you think of beer and more beer? If it’s October, then it’s got to be Oktoberfest. With over six million people in attendance each year, the festival draws an international crowd.

In honor of Oktoberfest, here are some of our personal favorite pumpkin brews.

Pumpkin Ale

Brewed by the Horseheads Brewing Company located in New York, the Pumpkin Ale is said to have a very pumpkin pie-like taste. Mix in some fragrant spices, such as nutmeg and cinnamon and you have the true essence of this beer. This beer is also fairly light and easy enough to drink for those not accustomed to…


The Best Campgrounds to See Fall Foliage

best places to see fall foliage

Fall is in full swing and there is nothing like riding with the windows down, taking in the crisp air and jewel toned leaves with your Little Guy. Here are some of the best campgrounds to visit this Fall.

Rhode Island

Enjoy the bright colors of the fall leaves and a fresh sea breeze at Fishermen’s Memorial State Campground, Rhode Island. Play a few holes on their golf course or take a stroll along the shore. Fishermen’s Memorial State Park is close to Scarborough, Roger Wheeler and Salty Brine beaches.


Southwest of Denver, nestled in the foothills, is Chatfield State Recreational Area.  Let your Little Guy carry the…


5 Types of Granola to Satisfy Road Munchies

5 types of granola to take on the road

We all know it’s practically inevitable…the dreaded road munchies! Have no fear! We’ve come up with five different granola recipes that are perfect for those long trips. Even better, we’ve provided the recipes for you here!

Apple Granola

            6 cups oats

            ¼ cup applesauce

            ½ teaspoon cinnamon

            ½ cup brown sugar

Gather all ingredients and cook them in a regular saucepan it begins to boil. Now, pour the mixture over the oats. Place the unfinished granola on a cookie sheet and bake in…


DIY: Soup Can Drink Holders

soup can drink holder

When you’re out and about traveling with your Little Guy, you want to make sure all the proper equipment. This may include a portable barbeque, plenty of folding chairs, possibly a hammock, etc. However, sometimes we forget about some of the simplest and obvious options to bring along.

Say you’re sitting outside enjoying the sunshine with your Little Guy. It’s a beautiful spring day and it’s just warm enough to be comfortable. All is right in the world. However, when you reach down to grab your ice-cold beverage gingerly balancing on a patch of grass, you misjudge the distance and the drink goes flying! Read on to discover how to make…


5 Tools to Take on the Road with Your Little Guy

tools to take on the road with your little guy

So, you’ve recently purchased your brand new Little Guy! First of all, we’re thrilled for you and your new addition! Well, now that you’ve made that essential first step, what’s next? Get out and hit the road, of course!

Before you begin any fun new adventure with your Little Guy, first consider some helpful and essential tools to take with you. Here, let’s look at five of the most important tools you should be taking along with you.

Fire Extinguisher

This one should be fairly obvious, but just in case, always make sure to have one in your Little Guy! We never want to think that anything bad could happen on a fun…


Tailgating Tips: 3 Healthy Game Day Snacks

tailgating tips 3 healthy snacks

Now that September is in full swing, a couple of things come to mind almost immediately…the weather should start to get a little cooler, the kids are back in school and last but certainly not least, football season!

With the football season well upon us, tailgates and parties will soon take up the majority of your weeknights. You already know that you’ll be the most popular tailgater with your Little Guy. However, what’s the most common tailgate item that also is the most popular? You guessed it, snacks! Tailgates are notorious for scrumptious goodies such as wings, potato salad and plenty of chips and queso. While we all love these…


Little Guy vs. Flying: Which Leaves a Bigger Carbon Footprint

air plane vs little guy which has a bigger carbon footprint

At home we do our best to be good stewards of the environment. We recycle what we can’t reuse and buy energy saving bulbs to conserve electricity in an effort to lower our carbon footprint. It’s great that we take care to incorporate these practices into our daily routine, but what about when go on vacation? In 2008 the Recreational Vehicles Industry Association (RVIA) commissioned PKF Consulting to compare the total carbon dioxide emissions of an RV vacation versus a traditional vacation (flying, renting a car, hotel,etc.). The results were astounding. Basically, if you want to go green, get a teardrop, and here is why.

In this…


How to Enjoy Your Little Guy at Home

how to enjoy your little guy at home

Your Little Guy gets lonely sitting in the garage all by itself. It is natural to go through withdrawls between vacations, but you don’t need to wait for your next adventure to have fun with your Little Guy. Here are four ways you can have fun with your Little Guy at home.

Take Him to The Game

Your Little Guy is the ideal tailgating partner. Rely on him to carry the game day essentials and always have his stovetop handy to help with cooking. The Little Guy can even provide some entertainment and he is always down to stay for the whole game if you want to.

Guest House

You’ve been volunteered to host the entire family this holiday…